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Calvin Simms || OPEN.

Name: Calvin Simms.
Age: 30.
Occupation: Owns a club that rivals Adam Tisnewski’s called ‘Chasers’.

Background up to player, as long as it corroborates with the Simms family bio. Moved with them out of choice however, not because of his father.


  • Narcissistic: Even though he’s new to the city and has barely gotten his classy club off the ground or made any real friendships, he considers himself an important member of society as a whole. But let’s be honest here, no one could ever love him more than he loves himself. The only things bigger than his ego are his sex drive and his bank account.
  • Lascivious: Often to the point where women feel offended by his objectifying remarks. Perverted jokes, undressing with the eyes? It’s like he can’t even help himself. Calvin lost all of his respect for women after his ex-fiancée cheated on him and ever since has never been able to see them as anything more that objects for his amusement. The idea of putting himself out there to be hurt isn’t one he considers pursuing.
  • Stubborn: Calvin is very set in his ways of thinking and is reluctant to ever let anyone change them. Almost like an old man. It would take someone very special to come along and break him out of his habits. He’s also reluctant to ever take advice or a helping hand when it comes to running his business - something he considers to be personal to him and above suggestions from peers. Even more so reluctant for help with his personal life which is now suffering from his lack of trust in women.
  • Party animal: Despite the fact he’s getting older, that doesn’t stop him partying like he’s back in college. There’s nothing Calvin enjoys more than loud music and hard liquor whilst drunk girls throw themselves all over him. Back in Las Vegas he was something of a party-throwing legend and he’s hoping to rise to his title in D.C. Little does he know he’s got some stiff competition. 

Relationship Information: Hasn’t been in a relationship since his fiancée who cheated on him. Currently single.
Friendship Information: Up to player.
Face Claim: Josh Duhamel.